Yoga Bolster Set – Tranquillity


This beautiful yoga set has been lovingly handmade to help with you or yoga or pilates practice.
It includes a Yoga Bolster filled with organic buckwheat hulls, an Eye Pillow filled with organic lavender & flaxseed and a 100% cotton Yoga Strap.



This beautiful yoga bolster has been lovingly handmade to help with you or yoga or pilates practice. Using it as a prop to help support the body in postures, allowing you to completely relax into the asanas and truly reap the benefits.

Buckwheat hulls allow constant air circulation through the cushion, which keeps you cool and dry. Since the meditation cushion doesn’t compress under pressure, the buckwheat hulls pillows will reduce stress on your neck, head, and spine, which provides for a comfortable and restful practice

Organic buckwheat is truly at one with planet Earth, as an ethically grown, oh so wonderful natural botanica. It grows very quickly in poor soil conditions without the need for pesticides and herbicides It is non synthetic & chemical free.  The hulls discourage bacteria and is anti-alergenic.  It does not heat up or absorb moisture.

Comes with removable cover and zip closure and hsndld or drawstring removable cover.

Dimensions (approx)
Length – 65cm
Height – 20cm

Each cushion is hand-sewn, each one is different, so the pattern and dimensions may vary slightly in reality.

Additional information

Weight N/A


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