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I bow to you.


Lovingly handmade from high quality products and a special touch.


Our lavender is handpicked from our gardens providing a beautiful scent.

Made with love

We add a personal touch from start to finish and take pride in what we do.

We take a great amount of pride in what we do.

As a yoga teacher I have first hand experience in the benefits of yoga props and make all my products by hand to aid yogis in the best way possible.

Our products are lovingly handmade with high quality products.  We take our time to source great products and handpick our lavender from our gardens, making sure we provide a beautiful and relaxing scent with our eye pillows.

We love to see our products in use and hear about the many benefits they provide to our client’s well being.


Our Products.

We are so happy to be able to help so many people on their yoga journey.  

We hand make lavender eye pillows which are filled with organic lavender and dried lentils, giving a relaxing scent and an eye pillow that moulds over the eyes, apply gentle pressure to relieve the muscle strain, making your relaxation all that more enjoyable and easier.

Our Meditation cushions and bolsters are handmade and filled with organic buckwheat hulls.  Buckwheat hulls allow constant air circulation, which keeps you cool and dry. Since the hulls don’t compress under pressure, your product will stay in great shape, which provides for a comfortable and restful practice

Organic buckwheat is truly at one with planet Earth, as an ethically grown and wonderful natural botanica. It grows very quickly in poor soil conditions without the need for pesticides and herbicides It is non synthetic, chemical free and anti-alergenic.

We also provide Palo Santo (Holy Wood) has a rich, fragrant smell that is very powerful. Used in healing ceremonies, rituals and for smudging. When lit and blown out it smokes slowly with a pleasant aroma, used like antiseptic in rituals and cleansing.

Our Palo Santo is sourced from South America, from a wild and sustainable plantation, harvested from naturally downed trees.