Cushion & Strap Bundle – Free Spirit


A yoga bundle including a meditation cushion filled with organic buckwheat hulls and a 100% cotton yoga strap.


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Offering a relaxation bundle of a lavender eye pillow and 100% cotton yoga stretching strap.

Find some extra comfort with our meditation cushions.
These versatile cushions can be used for comfortable seating during meditation, to aid with seating posture or as a prop during your yoga practice, or even as a pillow during savasana.

Made with a quality fabric and filled with organic buckwheat.

Buckwheat¬†hulls allow constant air circulation through the cushion, which keeps you cool and dry. Since the meditation cushion doesn’t compress under pressure, the buckwheat hulls pillows will reduce stress on your neck, head, and spine, which provides for a comfortable and restful practice.

Organic buckwheat is truly at one with planet Earth, as an ethically grown, oh so wonderful natural botanica. It grows very quickly in poor soil conditions without the need for pesticides and herbicides. It is non synthetic and chemical free and an anti-allergen.

Due to the cut of the fabric, each meditation cushion will be slightly different.


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